Is a broken tooth an emergency

A broken tooth is a serious problem and can be synonymous with concern for those who suffer from it. In addition to the aesthetic issue and damage to self-esteem, this type of occurrence may result in the loss of chewing functionality, even influencing speech. Unforeseen circumstances can happen at any time and our mouth would be no different. Regardless of how your mouth health is going, it's possible (and totally common) to break some tooth throughout your life.



Dental traumas are frequent accidents that mainly affect children, caused by sudden collisions of one or more teeth against hard or even soft surfaces. Teeth broken by dental trauma can cause damage such as small movements of the tooth and pain - which can end in hours or days -, or even more serious intercurrences that can lead to total displacement of the tooth next to the bone of the dental arch.



If your broken tooth came with a case of heavy bleeding, seek medical assistance before you do anything else. Very intense bleeding, when present, means you should immediately go to an emergency hospital service. Blood loss or trauma to other facial structures can even be fatal if not addressed immediately. Dental trauma can cause damage beyond the teeth or the bones that support those teeth (sockets). The bones of the face such as those surrounding the eyes, known as the zygoma bone, may be involved in more severe situations. Head injuries caused by trauma to the frontal region of the face are not rare and should be observed even in situations of simple trauma.


First measures after dental or facial trauma.

* Find and keep with you on a clean, damp surface the fractured part or the avulsed or broken tooth
* Place any parts of your tooth that broke off in a glass of milk, saline solution, or as a last resort, water
* Do not try to glue the fractured part yourself or use glues or other materials on broken teeth
* Go to the dentist as soon as possible



The time that elapses between the dental trauma and the bonding or reinsertion of the avulsed tooth in the dental arch will make all the difference in the final prognosis of the treatment. When the consequence of trauma is avulsion, which is the complete loss of a whole tooth, it is even more important to understand that your situation is indeed an emergency. Situations of bonding fragments of broken teeth also require emergency care when there is bleeding from the internal portion of the broken tooth.



Scientific research has reached a consensus that avulsed teeth that are correctly reinserted by the dentist in the correct location within 2 hours have a great chance of working. To succeed in these situations is for the tooth to be strongly fixed in its place of origin after a period of 90 days and the body not to reject it for a period that can go from 6 months to the end of the patient's life.


What happens if you leave a broken tooth