So much goes into our smile design process.  It takes time to develop a personalized plan with accurate planning to achieve a great long-term result. We spend a lot of time at the initial visit so we can understand what they don’t like about their smile and how we can improve it.  Many of our patients have seen the orthodontist and/or periodontist so that we can give them the best long term results that fits their goals.  Two photos of Before and After do not show the entire process.

Our smile gallery gives you a glimpse of how we can improve our patients' smiles.

One of our patients here is in his mid-30s.  He did not like the uneven look of his upper front teeth or the spaces around his lower front teeth.  We discussed Invisalign but he wanted to improve both the shape and the color of his teeth and decided against that option.  We were able to give him a whiter, natural smile with minimally invasive veneers.


Another patient shown here is a woman in her mid-40s.  She had been away from the dentist for many years due to fear and unfortunately was going to lose her remaining upper teeth due to decay.  Her goal was to make her teeth look great and avoid wearing a denture.   She decided to have implants placed to give her the most natural looking comfortable smile and we were able to do that working with our periodontist.


Another one of our patients featured here is in her mid-50s and did not like how long her front teeth were and that the edges continued to chip.  To get a stable long term result, she went through Invisalign to stabilize her bite.  After her bite was improved, we were able to place veneers to give her the broad, white smile that she was looking for.

Pam's smile makeover journey: From dissatisfaction to a dazzling transformation, step by step.

Pam was dissatisfied with her front two teeth's appearance and worn edges, despite previous white fillings. She sought a broader, balanced, and whiter smile. We designed a plan, starting with Invisalign to align her lower teeth, preventing chipping of the new upper ones. After Invisalign, a trial design allowed Pam to preview her new smile. Once approved, we reshaped her teeth accordingly. Temporaries mimicked the new shape and length while the master ceramist crafted final restorations. Pam tested and approved the crowns/veneers before cementing, achieving the smile she desired. We're delighted she entrusted us with her transformation!

Step 9

From damage to stunning: Watch how full coverage crowns transformed a smile in just a week!

Severe damage to the patient's front teeth, including wear, fractures, and existing fillings, prompted the recommendation of full coverage crowns. The old fillings were removed, and teeth were reshaped, with precision ensured using a string for impressions. Provisional crowns allowed the patient to preview the desired outcome on the same day. A week later, permanent crowns were placed, resulting in a natural-looking smile. Ongoing gum healing is expected between the front teeth, with the patient ultimately satisfied with the final result.

Bill (6)

Kim's quest for a flawless smile took shape, one stunning veneer at a time!

Kim's dissatisfaction with the uneven edges of her front teeth led to her desire for improved shape and natural-looking color. The process began with designing teeth to restore the worn tooth structure. A trial design was tested to ensure it met Kim's expectations before proceeding. Delighted with the new smile design, Kim opted to reshape her teeth for veneers. Temporaries were worn to confirm her satisfaction with the new shapes before creating the final restorations. A master ceramist crafted the veneers based on the approved design, and they were tested before bonding in place. Kim was ecstatic with the final result, which achieved a natural appearance.

11 (Final)

Transforming Smiles, One Implant at a Time: Our Journey from Cavities to Cutting-Edge Nanoceramic Prosthetics!

This wonderful patient was referred to us by a local periodontist to discuss options to replace her teeth. She had issues with cavities and was looking to replace the upper and lower teeth with something that could not be removed. We developed a plan to make teeth that were connected to implants and at no point did she have to wear something that could be removed. The day the teeth were removed by the periodontist, we connected a temporary prosthesis to the implants to wear while she was healing. After several months of healing, we made 3D printed provisionals to confirm that the esthetics looked great and the bite was accurate. After the patient approved these provisionals, the final prosthetics were made out of a nanoceramic material that is highly esthetic. The patient was thrilled with the final result!


Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Lisa Stroup
in the last week
Dr Hamrick recently replaced a crown for me and did a wonderful job. New technology allowed me to have only one visit for the complete...
David Dubocq
3 weeks ago
Today was very enlightening for me. Dr. Hamrick was able to install a crown on my back molar , that he made at his...


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