Case Study 1 - Pam

Overview:  Pam disliked the prominence of her front two teeth and how worn the edges of her teeth had become.  She had previously had bonding (white fillings) placed on her teeth to improve the looks of them but she felt that this did not accomplish her goals and the edges of the front two teeth kept chipping off.  The final result she wanted was a broader, balanced smile with whiter teeth.


With her goals in mind, we designed a smile that would accomplish what she wanted and give her a stable bite.  In her case, she needed to move the lower teeth to prevent chipping of the her new upper teeth.  We accomplished this with Invisalign prior to reshaping the upper teeth for her new smile.  After the Invisalign, we tried in the design which gave her a chance to preview her new smile before we made any changes.  With the new design approved, we reshaped the teeth to give her the smile she wanted.  Pam wore temporaries that reflected the new shape and length of her teeth while the master ceramist built the final restorations.  The new crowns/veneers were tried in and approved prior to cementing.  The final result was exactly what Pam had hoped for and we were so happy she trusted our practice to do this for her!

Final Result

Final Result:  These are the final restorations that accomplished Pam’s goal of having a brighter and broader smile.  She is thrilled with the results we were able to provide!

Step 1 - Primary Concern

Worn edges, unhappy with the shape and color.

Step 2 - Analysis

Worn edges of the upper front teeth from supra eruption of the lower teeth. 
Discoloration from root exposure due to gum recession.

Step 3 - Smile Design

Digital scans of the teeth are used to design the new smile.

Step 4 - Digital Try In

The new design is tried in digitally to see how it would look in the face.

Step 5 - Smile Design

Proposed design is tried in the mouth to let the patient see the changes prior to any reshaping of the teeth.

Step 6 - Provisionals

These are the provisional (temporaries) the patient wears to make sure she is happy with the changes while the final restorations are being made.

Step 7 - Final Veneers/Crowns

The permanent crowns and veneers were placed.

Step 8 - 2 year Follow Up

The patient is very pleased and her goals were accomplished with her beautiful smile!

Step 9 - Full Face

The patient is very pleased and her goals were accomplished with her beautiful smile!

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Meredith Walker
a month ago
Definitely the absolute best experience I have ever had at a dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist and anything being done to my teeth, but...
s s
2 weeks ago
Dr. Hamrick and his team are all extraordinary. They all posses a reassuring demeanor that put me at ease. Dr. Hamrick took...


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