Botox Injections Greenville, SC

Botox is a natural protein that has been approved by the FDA for medicinal use. Safety and simplicity are signature benefits of its design.

Botox Injections
Greenville, SC

Botox is a natural protein that has been approved by the FDA for medicinal use. Safety and simplicity are signature benefits of its design.


Dental Botox Injections

Botox therapy is now available at Heritage Dentistry in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Preston Hamrick is one of the first dentists in the area to offer this unique treatment. Dental Botox is growing in popularity and gaining attention as a cosmetic application. We can initially consult with you regarding the unique benefits of the therapy to address your intentions and the expected results. Call 864-292-5125 today to schedule your consultation.


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What Exactly is Botox?

Botox is a natural protein that has been approved by the FDA for medicinal use. Safety and simplicity are signature benefits of its design. To be more specific, Botox is a bacterium called botulinum toxin type A. This toxic will block nerve activity around the muscles of the injection site. It has been used successfully to treat muscle spasms in the neck, spasms in the hands and arms and even to help control severe sweating of the underarms. It has been used also to treat some certain conditions of the eye muscles. Overactive bladders and chronic migraine headaches have been treated and even prevented with the treatment of Botox. You can also achieve certain cosmetic improvements in the face with Botox injections.

Facial Changes

Over the years as we age our faces continue to change with the repeated muscle contractions associated with our squinting and frowning. With age the muscles come closer to the surface as our skin naturally loses volume. Our skin then experiences even more wear and tear with these muscle contractions closer to the surface. This will result in wrinkles, and crows-feet in between and around the eyes and those unsightly wrinkles across the forehead. Botox therapy treatment can address these cosmetic changes and is most successful between the ages of 18 to 65. Some of us may have deeper wrinkles or naturally more smaller wrinkles. The treatment is an elective cosmetic process that is painless and will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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The Botox Process

The treatment is done in the office, is quick and minimally invasive. As we apply the treatment an incredibly low dose of the natural protein is injected gently into the muscles we have identified to address. The muscles around your brows and eyes or the frown lines in your forehead. We can be selective together in determining which and where to administer. The injection will then block the nerve impulses to the selected muscles reducing the amount of movement in those muscles. The amount of Botox applied varies depending on the age of the patient, the severity of the wrinkles in question and our desired results. The discomfort is minimal and there may be some initial redness around the injection site that lasts a short period of time. On occasion there can be some very minor bruising. You can return to all normal activities immediately since there is no downtime.

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About Your First Visit
About Your First Visit

The Results of the Botox Treatment

You should begin to see results in 5-7 days.  As the treated muscles begin to relax so does the skin over those muscles which results in those unwanted wrinkles disappearing. There is no discomfort or numbness in the areas treated. The improvements can be seen for a week and in close to 90% of treated patients they attest that the frown lines were visually improved for over a month. Depending on the chemistry of the patient and the severity of the frowns treated the improvements can last up to three or four months. When the wrinkles reappear the Botox Therapy will be simply reapplied. Like any medical treatment each patient will respond differently. This includes side effects which means that Botox may not be for everyone. Usually any negative side effects are the result of an allergic reaction. In some exceedingly rare instances, a patient may have trouble swallowing, breathing, notice that your voice sounds hoarse or even some random vision problems. If you encounter any negative side effects, you should consult a physician immediately. We also strongly discourage any attempt to double up treatments. If you are receiving treatment from the office of Heritage Dentistry do not go out and request the same treatment from another provider. This attempt will not only jeopardize the specific control we have of the treatment but damage the effectiveness and put you in harm’s way.


The Benefits of Botox

Each patient will bring in their own aesthetic goals which will be addressed at the initial consultation.  As mentioned before, the benefits will change from patient to patient based on age, skin care and even lifestyles. The first step is to call 864-292-5125 and schedule a consultation with Jenn Roy, BSN RN at Heritage Dentistry to address any potential benefits for yourself. You will want to address the costs associated with Botox therapy. If the goals are purely cosmetic your insurance most likely will not cover the procedure. If there are medical benefits, there may be coverage available.  Not only do we want to see you take care of your teeth, your gums, and your smile we want you to feel the best about yourself.