About Your First Visit to Heritage Dentistry

Many patients have had less than ideal experiences at the dentist.  Our goal is to spend time with our patients to get to know them, listen to their past experiences and help them develop a plan to best take care of any needs they may have.  At the beginning of the appointment, we spend time reviewing your medical history.  We now know that the health of your mouth greatly affects the health of the rest of your body.  After reviewing your dental history, we are looking at four categories for each of our patients:  1- the health of your teeth (checking for cavities) 2- the health of your gums (periodontal disease) 3- the health of your bite (how your teeth fit together, issues with grinding your teeth in your sleep) 4- evaluating your smile.  After the thorough comprehensive exam, we spend time discussing what needs to be done to achieve ideal health and discuss 


There are two ways to come into our practice as a new patient.   


  1. You can see Dr. Hamrick for a 1 hour appointment where we take any necessary x-rays, photographs and complete a thorough comprehensive exam.  This allows plenty of time to discuss any treatment that may be recommended and answer any question that you may have.  At this appointment, we will schedule you for any necessary treatment and for an appointment to see one of our hygienists.
  2. You can see one of our hygienists and they will take any necessary x-rays, photographs and complete a thorough exam and cleaning.  We schedule this first appointment for about 90 minutes to ensure we have time to get to know you and provide the best possible care.  


Second Opinions-  If you have previously had treatment recommended but are unsure if you want to proceed, we are happy to see you for a second opinion.  We see many patients for second opinions to discuss veneers, implants, Invisalign and many other treatments.  At this appointment, we will take photographs, review any x-rays and answer any questions regarding the different options.  Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable and confident with whatever you decide to do. 

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Meredith Walker
4 weeks ago
Definitely the absolute best experience I have ever had at a dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist and anything being done to my teeth, but...
2 months ago
I first went to Heritage because of significant pain—and a horrible experience with a nearby dentist, who proposed a very expensive fix without any diagnostics....


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About Your First Visit
About Your First Visit