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Greenville Dental Crowns

Restore And Protect Your Smile With Dental Crowns in Greenville

Restore And Protect Your Smile With Dental Crowns in GreenvilleIf you have a tooth that has been damaged by an oral injury or tooth decay, a dental crown from Dr. Hamrick at Heritage Dentistry is the best way to restore your smile and protect your tooth from further harm. At our office in Greenville, we offer porcelain crowns that will look and feel just like your natural tooth. Make an appointment with our Greenville dentist now. 

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Dental emergencies can derail your life in the blink of an eye. When a tooth is injured or causes you pain, you may be unable to eat or sleep, let alone maintain your normal work and home routines. We know dental emergencies don’t follow a weekday nine-to-five schedule, so we make sure you can always get ahold of us when you need help.

Dental Crowns Cover-Up And Protect Damaged Teeth

A dental crown is also sometimes called a “cap,” because it caps and protects the underlying tooth enamel and structure. Your crown from Heritage Dentistry will be custom-made to fit your smile perfectly and restore the form and function of your damaged tooth. Dental crowns are also sometimes used for cosmetic dentistry, to cover up teeth that are small or misshapen.

Understanding The Crown Placement Process

The process of placing a crown usually takes two appointments at Heritage Dentistry. At your first appointment, Dr. Hamrick will begin by cleaning your teeth and numbing your mouth. Then, he will remove damaged enamel from your tooth and shape the remaining structure into a strong, stable platform to which the crown can be attached.

Images and dental impressions will be taken of your teeth, and this information is sent to a dental lab where your crown will be made. This takes about 2-3 weeks, so you’ll be sent home with a temporary crown in the meantime.

When your crown arrives at our office, you’ll come in for your second appointment. Dr. Hamrick will check the crown to make sure that it fits perfectly, and he may make minor adjustments. Then, your crown will be bonded to your tooth permanently using dental cement. Finally, your tooth will be buffed and polished, completing the procedure.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Natural look and feel – Porcelain crowns are completely indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Your teeth will look natural to others, and you’ll be able to speak, chew, and smile with carefree confidence.
  • Preserve and protect your tooth – Without a crown, your damaged tooth can become infected. A dental crown protects the weakened enamel and preserves your tooth, preventing further oral health issues.
  • No special care required – To care for a crown, all you have to do is continue brushing and flossing normally, and see Dr. Hamrick for a cleaning and oral exam every six months.

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If you’re ready to get started with dental crowns, our Greenville dentist, Dr. Hamrick is here to help. Don’t risk damage to your teeth and your smile. Contact us at (864) 292-5125 to schedule your appointment, or stop by our office at 4105 E North Street, Greenville, SC 29615 for more information.

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