How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Gummy Smile?

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Is the source of your unhappiness the look of your gums? Fortunately, for individuals who have a smile that shows too much of their gums, or a gummy smile greenville sc, there are cosmetic dental solutions available to help fix the appearance of their smile. If you have a gummy smile, you may be interested in learning more about treatment options and the costs of these options. Below is more information on the dental procedures used to fix gummy smiles and tips on how you can estimate the cost of these procedures.


Treating a Gummy Smile

If you want to change the appearance of your gums and smile, you should start by having a conversation with your dentist. Your dentist will help to determine the cause of your gummy smile and develop a treatment plan. Here are some of the treatments available to fix a gummy smile:

  • Lip Lowering: This is a surgical procedure where the upper lip is re-positioned to expose less of the gum line.
  • Botox: If you have a hyperactive upper lip, Botox injections can help to reduce the muscle’s high pulling effect. These injections can help the upper lip rest better over the gum tissue. Botox treatments for a gummy smile are an efficient, minimally invasive approach with minimal risks for complications.
  • Gum Contouring/Gum Reshaping: The gum contouring procedure is a quick and efficient approach used to trim away excess gum tissue around the teeth.
  • Crown Lengthening: During this procedure the length of the teeth is modified, and the gum line is reshaped to give the teeth a longer appearance.

Estimated Costs of Procedures to Treat A Gummy Smile

In general, a surgery to treat a gummy smile will cost patients between $300 to $8,000, however the cost really depends on the complexity of the case. This cost will be impacted by the number of dental visits required and procedures needed. Additional factors that impact the cost include the oral health of the patient, the doctor or surgeon’s experience, and the geographic location of the dental office.


Covering the Costs of Treatment Procedures for A Gummy Smile

In most cases, treating a gummy smile is considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore is often not covered by a patient’s insurance. If you are interested in treatment for your gummy smile you should have a conversation with both your dentist and your dental insurance provider to determine if your insurance will cover any portion of the treatment costs. When estimating the costs, patients should expect certain costs to be included with surgery, including:


  • Routine Doctor’s fees: Itemized items involved will often include consultations, initial patient assessment, required follow-up visits.
  • Cost of outpatient surgery: hospital/ facility fees, local/general anesthia, as well as surgical care fees and post-operative treatment-related fees.
  • The cost of an oral surgeon or periodontist to perform the surgery.
  • Additional costs: This can include additional costs for medication or extended treatments. If there are any unanticipated complications following surgery, however rare, there may be additional costs involved.


Successfully treating a gummy smile can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life, self-esteem, and self-confidence. If you are interested in seeking out treatment to improve your smile, you should schedule a consultation with your dentist.


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