Reduce a Gummy Smile

A beautiful smile is made up of healthy teeth, gums, and lips. If you have met or know someone with oversized gums, their gums may be all you see. If you are the one with oversized gums, or a gummy smile greenville south carolina, you may be finding ways to hide your smile. If you are seeking a “perfect” smile with well-proportioned teeth and gums, the good news is that there are many treatment options available to you. Below are some tips on reducing a gummy smile and finding the treatment solution that is right for you.


Steps to Treating A Gummy Smile

If you are unhappy with your gummy smile, you may be interested in seeking treatment. Here are the steps you should take to seek treatment for your gummy smile:

Step 1: Schedule a visit with your dentist. Before selecting which treatment is the right solution for you, your dentist will need to determine the cause of why your gums appear larger than your teeth. There are many possible causes for a gummy smile, but only a professional can diagnose the cause with a thorough examination. A few examples of possible causes include:

  • A short upper lip
  • Excessive gum tissue
  • Small teeth
  • An improper bite

Step 2: The right treatment solution is based on the right diagnosis. Once your dentist has a diagnosis, they can start to develop a treatment plan. There are many treatment solutions available. Your dentist should give you a few options to choose from, based on their experience and expert opinion. Next you can start to do your research and determine which solution will help you meet your goals.


5 Solutions To Reduce A Gummy Smile

There are many solutions available to help change the structure and the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Some treatments are less invasive than others. Here are 5 of the most popular solutions to reduce a gummy smile:


  • Botox Injections: Botox is a quick and efficient short-term fix that will only provide results for a few months. Botox injections freeze the muscles in the upper lip, preventing their contraction when you smile.
  • Lip Filler Injections: Gel substances injected into the upper lip can make the lips look larger and fuller. A larger upper lip will make the gums less noticeable. Lip injections are less invasive than other treatment options, but more expensive.
  • Gum Surgery: Surgically removing gum tissue (and sometimes bone) will expose more of the teeth. This sculpting procedure can be performed with either a scalpel or a laser to reduce the appearance of the gums.
  • Lip Repositioning or Lip Lowering Surgery: Here a small amount of tissue from the inside of the upper lip is removed and the inside of the lip is attached to the gums. This procedure reduces upper lip movement during the smile.
  • Corrective Jaw Surgery: Though less common and more invasive, some patients with gummy smiles will need to have their jaw surgically repositioned to reduce the protruding appearance of the gums.


What Causes a Gummy Smile?