Can a Loose Tooth Fix Itself

Feeling that a tooth is moving is very distressing and the first thought is always that it will eventually fall out. In fact, one of the most repeated dreams among people is the one related to the loss of teeth, probably for the fear of it happening in reality. If you are wondering if you can save loose teeth, you are not alone.

First of all, you need to know that the slightest movement of a tooth is normal, as they are attached to the bone by a ligament. However, if the tooth movement is more exaggerated than normal, an effective remedy needs to be found quickly. Go to a dentist, pinpoint the cause, and get the treatment done on time. A loose tooth will not fix itself.

Here we will explain the reasons why a tooth can move, how to save the teeth that move and we will try to explain to you how to go about saving the teeth.

The tooth is loose: the 4 possible causes


Before knowing whether moving teeth can be saved, it is useful to know that the main cause of abnormal tooth mobility is periodontitis. It is a disease that occurs when gingivitis (inflammation, redness and bleeding of the gums) is not treated, and the infection ends up affecting the ligaments and bone that support the teeth. If periodontitis remains untreated, despite causing pain, the bone or ligament can end up being destroyed and the tooth falls out.

Dental cavity

A cavity is the other type of infection that can cause tooth loss. In this case, the tooth is affected by a cavity that has progressed to affect the internal structure. If the infection reaches the pulp, the tooth may fall out.


With a tooth that moves, what to do becomes a fundamental step in order to save the tooth. But before you even understand how to proceed, you need to understand the cause. Bruxism can also be the cause of your wobbly tooth: Bruxism is the unconscious habit of clenching or grinding your teeth and can be very harmful, as they end up causing your teeth to wobble. In extreme cases, it can cause a tooth to move and eventually fall out.

Strong blow to the tooth

Finally, hitting a tooth hard is another reason for tooth movement, although surely in this case you will know that the cause is that. The impact can damage the periodontal ligament and make it dance. In that case, know that moving teeth can be safely saved.

How to keep my teeth from moving

If your teeth haven't moved yet, take action first - remember that prevention is essential. To avoid tooth decay and periodontitis, there is nothing more important than maintaining proper dental hygiene.

Can a loose tooth be saved?

To save a tooth that is moving, you need to go to the dentist on time. If the tooth moves excessively enough, it is usually a sign that it is too late and the disease is very advanced. Remember that moving teeth can only be saved by going to your dentist. The dentist you visit will evaluate, with the help of a dental CT scan, if it is possible to save the tooth that is moving. This will organize the next operational steps, so that the infection does not continue to advance and spread to other teeth. In the case of bruxism, dental splints are usually chosen during sleep to avoid damage to the teeth and temporomandibular joint. By doing so, the teeth that move can be saved.

Causes of Loose Teeth