All-On-Four Dental Implants Reviews

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. For patients that need to replace a full arch or even their entire mouth can benefit from an all-on-four implant supported denture. This is a permanent restoration that gives patients the comfort and confidence of natural teeth!

Let’s take a look at what some have to say about all-on-four implant supported dentures.

Permanent teeth!!!
22 May 2021

8 months post
I went in this morning at 7:30 and my oral surgeon installed my new teeth! I had gotten so used to the temps for 8 months that it felt way different to have a full set of teeth that is flush with my gums not going around them. I got the zirconia with a titanium bar, so it wouldn't be heavy and clank every time I bit down. I will post pics soon!

Happy with My Results
12 Feb 2020

1 year post
It has been a little over a year now and 7 months ago I had my follow up. I will be brief. The staff is great, I had no real issues. 26 extractions and yes there was pain. I mentally prepared myself and studied for 2 years beforehand. No regrets yet. I plan to go back for a cleaning in the fall and any adjustments. It is a life changing procedure and not an easy one. Do your research and prepare yourself as best you can. It was worth it to me but it is not all roses. There is an adjustment period and pain so be prepared. No 2 people are alike.

G4 Implants All On Four
3 Feb 2021

9 months post
I started having a lot of dental problems around 26-28 years old from an eating disorder I developed at 16...The dentist told me that I really needed to get them all pulled and get dentures. I had a panic attack in the dentist office because that was one of my biggest fears. I was not ok with having removable teeth at my age. And I knew that it would cause tremendous bone loss in the jaw and change the shape of my face...I researched Golpa...and finally at 40, I had enough saved up to go to Dr Golpa...I was there for 3 days for my procedure. First day was consult day. Second day, surgery to remove my teeth and put in implants. Third day was bridge installation. I had some soreness and swelling but never any severe pain and all I took was ibuprofen bc I had a problem with prescription painkillers before and didn't want to risk taking them. I went back after 6 months for a check up on my implants and bridge adjustment. They ended up making me new bridges because my first set was a little big for my mouth and they were adding molars.


First new set they made didn't fit my face at was way too small and aged me, so they sent me back to the hotel for 24 hours and had me come back the next day for another set. That set was perfect and it's the one I have now. They feel very natural and I actually forget I have them sometimes! I'm so happy I was able to afford this procedure and would recommend it to anyone that cannot save their natural teeth.

Patients looking to have a significant number of teeth replaced have a number of options available to them. Not everyone is a candidate for an all-on-four so speak with your Dentist to discuss your options and make sure that you are fully aware of everything that is involved with the all-on-four procedure.

What is an All-On-Four Dental Implant