What is an All-On-Four Dental Implant

For patients that need to replace a full arch of teeth, or even both arches, there are a number of options available. Traditional dentures have long been the go-to treatment but over time, they can become ill fitting and need to be replaced. Advances in dental technology allow dental professionals to provide their patients with an easier treatment plan with excellent results.

Traditional treatments such as dentures and bridges sit above the gums and do not provide bone support. Dental implants are a great way for patients to restore one or more missing teeth with a secure replacement that also encourages bone health! The roots of our teeth help stimulate bone regeneration and a dental implant is essentially a fake tooth root. Without support, the jawbone begins to deteriorate which is why traditional options begin to fit incorrectly and become uncomfortable. Changes in the facial structure are so noticeable after years of wearing a traditional denture.


All-on-four Implant-supported Denture

Whereas a traditional denture relies on suction and retention to stay in place, an implant-supported denture is a traditional denture that uses dental implants to stay in place and is often permanently screwed or cemented onto the implants. Some patients may opt for a removable denture in which case the attachment between the implant and the denture are different, enabling the patient to snap them in and out. Depending on the patient's bone structure and lifestyle, anywhere from 4 to 8 implants may be used to support their denture.

An all-on-4 denture is beneficial to the patient’s overall health and is incredibly stable and natural-looking! An Oral Surgeon or Periodontist will surgically place a number of dental implants directly into your jaw bone. If the patient does not have enough bone structure, the doctor may need to perform a bone or gum graft, or even both, before the implants can be placed. During the six months of healing time, the implants will begin to fuse with the bone structure to form a firm foundation for the denture.

Immediately following implant surgery, you will wear a temporary denture until the implants are healed. The temporary denture will also serve to help you adjust to your new smile! The temporary denture may require adjustments every once in a while as the implants heal and swelling subsides.

Once the implants are fully integrated with a bone structure, your general Dentist will place your permanent denture! You may need a couple further adjustments but for the most part, your new denture should be perfect.


Is an all-on-4 denture right for me?

Your Dentist and implant doctor will determine if an implant supported denture is right for your individual case. Your overall health will be a huge deciding factor to ensure that you will heal properly and remain healthy throughout your treatment. Both doctors need to be informed of your complete medical history as well as any medication you are currently taking. You will also want to disclose your lifestyle and dietary habits.

All-on-4 dentures are on the high end of treatment cost but your dental office may offer some form of financial arrangements, either in-house or through a third party such as CareCredit or Lending Club. If you are interested in an all-on-4 denture, speak with your Dentist to learn what treatment option will be best for you.

How Much Do All-On-Four Dental Implants Cost