What Should I Do About My Chipped Tooth

Oh no! You have been in an accident, been hurt, and just found out that you chipped a tooth on top of it. But what are you supposed to do next? Here are some suggestions to help you navigate this unexpected turn of events.


* First, rinse your mouth out with warm water, but do not use hot or cold water. The rinsing can remove any foreign material from around your chipped tooth, remove any blood in the area, and even soothe discomfort from the chip. The temperature of the water is important to prevent any additional pain from temperature sensitivity.


* Next, if your mouth is bleeding, you need to stop the bleeding. You can use clean gauze, if you have it, or clean paper towel and apply pressure. Keep the pressure consistent to stop the bleeding and replace the gauze to keep the area clean.


* Control the swelling. The best way to stop the area from swelling more and to reduce any swelling that has already occurred is with a cold compress. You can try an ice pack covered with a cloth to protect your skin.


* Address the pain. If you have a preferred over the counter pain medication, you can use this according to the dosage instructions on the product. Some pain relievers can cause excessive bleeding so be sure to check the warnings of your medication.


* Protect the remaining tooth. Drugstores carry dental cement that you can use as a temporary aid before your appointment with the dentist.


* Protect your tongue and cheeks. The soft tissue in your mouth can easily be damaged by the edge of the chip. Drugstores usually offer dental wax to cover the edge but sugar free gum can also be used until your appointment.


* Protect the chip. If you were able to hold on to the piece of the tooth that chipped off, the dentist may be able to reattach it to the rest of your tooth. The chip will need to be kept moist so storing it in saliva or even milk can help. If you were not able to find the piece of your tooth that chipped off, do not worry. The dentist will be able to treat the remaining part of your tooth without it.


* Make the appointment with the dentist. You may have chipped your tooth over the weekend or in the middle of the night. It is not mandatory to go to the dentist immediately, but call the dentist as soon as you can to make an appointment specifically to treat the chip. Be sure to mention why you are making the appointment and the dentist may be able to see you sooner. The dentist will review your chipped tooth and may need to take x-rays to determine if the chip caused damage below the gumline.



Follow these simple steps and you will be able to forget this even happened and no one will be able to look at your smile and know that you chipped your tooth not too long ago.


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