What are teeth whitening kits

During your next dental appointment, you may find yourself talking to the dentist about your gum health, but you may also find that you want to address the shade of your teeth. You may not have thought about it in the past, but whitening your teeth is now something you want to do for yourself to improve your smile. The dentist will be able to review the reasons your teeth are not as white as you would like and make recommendations based on the results you are looking to achieve. There are ways to whiten your teeth at home, in the dental office or even at home with a kit you got from the dentist.


Do My Teeth Darken Over Time?

We learn from a very young age that brushing, flossing and regular dental appointment are the keys to having good oral health. These habits will help your teeth stay in good condition and prevent serious staining. But other habits like drinking coffee and tea and enjoying dark foods like blueberries will make stains start to appear. As you get older, your teeth will start to darken and you may not be able to avoid everything that contributes to that. Here are some reasons your teeth get darker:

Certain medications and their side effects

  • Tobacco use of all kinds
  • Specific medical treatments
  • Accidents and trauma to teeth
  • Dark beverages like coffee, tea, wine, and cola
  • Growing older

These different reasons will affect your tooth’s enamel over time and cause it to thin. The darker layers under your enamel will become more visible, but you can use whiteners to change this. Depending on the current color of your teeth and the shade of white you are looking to change your teeth to, different whitening kits will help you achieve your goal at different rates.

Over the Counter Whitening Options Available To Me

The number of whitening kits available to you may be overwhelming and prove to be difficult to choose the best one for you. Each version can have an impact on your tooth color, but it may take longer to achieve a color difference. Some may be more convenient for you personally as well. The whitening kits available at pharmacies and stores for you to purchase are straight forward to use and more affordable for people as compared to in office whitening kits. Depending on the strength of the bleaching agent and suggested use on the manufacturer instructions, you may see results in two weeks or it make take months to really notice.

These at-home teeth whitening kits can come in the form of whitening strips, gels, brushes, and trays. The mouth guard like tray could be custom made for you at by the dentist or could be one you can slightly adjust but not customize. The tray holds a bleaching gel against the teeth for a specific amount of time. These kits can be used at home at your convenience, and depending on the strength of the whitening agent, the results can take a week or longer to brighten your teeth to the desired shade.

In-Office Whitening Options Available To Me

The dentist may be able to perform a whitening treatment in one office visit allowing you to leave with a whiter smile about an hour after you arrive.

What are teeth whitening products