What are Partial Dentures?

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a type of removable denture that are considered natural looking. Used to replace one or several teeth, they are typically made of acrylic (sometimes combined with metal), which allows them to be strong enough to handle both chewing and speaking needs.


If a person is missing one or several teeth their bite pressure will likely start to shift. As this happens other teeth may move, and supporting bone and soft tissues may start to shrink. Eventually this usually affects physical appearance, and can also lead to other oral issues. A partial denture can support the mouth’s underlying structures (gums, facial muscles, and jawbone) by helping to keep them engaged and active. A partial denture can also help restore confidence in smiling, which is a significant benefit.


Other Benefits of Partial Dentures

Generally partial dentures are considered to be a less expensive and less-invasive type of denture. Partial dentures do need some maintenance, but most people find them easy to adapt to. Most people find they do a great job of restoring functionality and appearance, as well. Daily care and cleaning of the partial dentures is a simple, and essential part of keeping the partial denture looking good and functioning well. Sometimes adjustments are needed but these are usually small and inexpensive. If a person’s other teeth are healthy and if overall oral health is good, partial dentures can be a great option. A partial denture allows a person to keep the healthy natural teeth they do have.


The particular needs of a patient will determine the final cost of a partial denture, but generally partial dentures are considered a cost-effective option for most people.


Partial dentures are also designed to function and look like natural teeth. This allows for a person with partial dentures to eat most foods they the enjoy. After first getting partial dentures usually soft foods and slower, careful chewing are recommended, but after the adjustment period, most people feel very comfortable eating with partial dentures. With a partial denture sticky and very hard foods should generally be avoided, however.


Sleeping with a partial denture is typically NOT recommended for various reasons. Because partial dentures get designed to be cleaned when not in the mouth, it is ideal to clean them every night after they have been removed from the mouth. Taking the partial dentures out also allows for cleaning the mouth and gums to ensure no food has gotten stuck under or near the partial denture.


Partial dentures are generally considered easy to care for. While proper care is an essential part of keeping the partial denture clean and in good shape, it is not complicated. When the partial denture is removed for sleeping it can be easily cleaned, and the gums can be well cleaned and will have time to rest and recover overnight.



If you are considering partial dentures make sure to consult with your oral health care provider to explore the many benefits a partial denture can offer.


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