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Many patients come in to discuss improving their smile.  Our goal is to take our time to listen and learn what the goals are for their new smile.  We go over what they want to improve (a brighter or broader smile) and take a series of photos to take an in depth look at their teeth.  At that appointment, we also take a 3-D scan of their teeth to design the new smile. How does this process work?  Pam is a long time patient of our practice that wanted to discuss improving her smile.  Her goals are to have a whiter and more full smile.

Step 1

This photo allows us to review how the teeth look in the face and to discuss where we want to make improvements.  We discuss the overall shape and color, and how the teeth relate to the lips.

Step 2

This photo gives us all of the details of the smile.  Pam does not like the triangular shape of the front teeth and how prominent they are.  There are also some areas of gum recession that are causing some of her teeth that she would like to improve.

Step 3

The lab uses our photos and the 3-D scan of the teeth to design where the teeth should go in her face.  The green line in the pictures show how long and how wide the teeth should ideally be.

Step 4

Pictured is a model of the new smile design.  The numbers show the width to length ratio so that we get an ideal size of the front teeth.  From that we 3-D print this design so that the patient can see their new smile.

Step 5

The 3-D design is tried on in the mouth using a temporary material.  This allows Pam to see what the new smile will look like as well as the ability to make any changes to the initial design.  For Pam, this is exactly what she is looking for.  She loved the improvement of the shape and size and plans to make the final veneers brighter than what is pictured.  In her case, we used Invisalign to improve the alignment of her teeth and make the reshaping of her teeth as minimal as possible.

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Our Patients Love Their Experience with Us

Meredith Walker
3 weeks ago
Definitely the absolute best experience I have ever had at a dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist and anything being done to my teeth, but...
2 months ago
I first went to Heritage because of significant pain—and a horrible experience with a nearby dentist, who proposed a very expensive fix without any diagnostics....


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