Scale and Root Planing Cost

While gum disease can become costly to treat, it is actually something that can prevented. Visiting the dentist for regular check ups and thorough teeth cleanings at least twice a year can save you money in the long run by keeping your gums and teeth in good condition. Regular evaluations are also effective for catching any gum disease in the earliest stages when treatments such as scaling and root planing can be effective in restoring gum health, and preventing further issues.

Costs for Dental Scaling and Root Planing Treatment

If gum disease is recognized by a dentist, and is still in an early stage, often the first treatment suggestion from a dentist will be a scaling and root planing procedure. Currently, a scaling and root planing treatment is estimated to cost between $200 – $300 (US) on average. One of the biggest factors in determining the cost of treatment is establishing if the therapeutic or preventative scaling and root planing treatment is needed. With the preventative scaling and root planing treatment the cost is determined “per quadrant” of the mouth. For the therapeutic scaling and root planing treatments the cost generally a single charge for treatment of the whole mouth. Price points may also differ depending on if the procedure will be done by a dentist or a by a periodontist.

Costs can also vary greatly from one dentist or periodontist to another, as well as from one location to another. Costs can vary office to office, state to state, and sometimes even within the same dentist office. Sometimes one dentist in an office may have a different treatment pricing than another, depending on experience, as well as on preferred treatment tools and methods. Insurance and dental plans will of course also affect any treatment costs. People with dental insurance may have a very different cost than people who don’t have dental insurance. Any quality dentist or periodontist will be up front about costs and payment options for this kind of treatment.

It is important to remember that various other procedures may be needed before and/or after the scaling and root planing treatment, which can also of course incur additional costs. These treatments are also common and ultimately are advised for supporting the effectiveness of the scaling and root planing treatments. The dentist will advise on other treatments, but these could include a full dental check up or “pre-treatment” exam, a full mouth debridement, a gingival irrigation treatment, a periodontal maintenance treatment, X-rays, and/or an application of a localized antimicrobial agent. Any of these additional procedures might require a separate visit, although certain ones may be able to be done during the scaling and root planing treatment.

It is also worth noting that which exact treatments and how much the treatments will cost is ultimately decided by the dentist or periodontist doing the procedures. If you question an estimated treatment cost, make sure to ask any and all questions, and don’t hesitate to get estimates from other nearby dentists or periodontists.