Same-Day Dentures

Temporary dentures in greenville sc that you can start wearing the day that you have a tooth extraction are known as “same-day dentures.” These are often recommended by dentists because they can be worn during the healing process while regular dentures get made. Same-day dentures are also sometimes referred to as “immediate dentures” or “dentures in a day”. Considered a restorative procedure, this treatment allows you to have a temporary tooth as soon as your permanent one is extracted. These immediate dentures make it so that you don’t have any gaps in the teeth, and they also can help with adjusting to eating and talking with the feel of a different tooth. Typically same-day dentures are worn for at least a couple of months after an extraction until the gums heal more fully, and until the normal denture is ready to be placed.


To make immediate dentures usually actually takes a week or sometimes two. Immediate dentures will actually often require more than one visit to the dentist. But because they are made and ready before the extraction of your tooth, the same-day dentures will be wearable after the extraction procedure is completed.


Same-Day Denture Aftercare

Same-day dentures will require proper aftercare to make sure there is no unnecessary irritation or complications. The dentist might offer some special instructions, but generally there are a few simple guidelines for same-day denture aftercare:


  • Wear the new dentures without taking them out for the first 24 hour period with no hot liquids, rinsing or spitting.
  • After the first 24 hour period take the dentures out a few times daily to rinse.
  • Use saltwater rinses while dentures in the mouth.
  • No smoking directly following extraction and placement of same-day denture.


The dentist will definitely give some instructions on how to best remove your same-day dentures. The first time you take them out might require some special care. Typically a saltwater rinse is recommended for using just before trying to take the same-day denture out for the first time. This can help loosen the denture for easy removal as you spit the salt water rinse out slowly while coaxing the denture all the way out. It is generally just fine to use your fingers to help loosen the denture as well. It can feel awkward or difficult at first, but it soon becomes easy to take out and put back in. And, of course always follow any instructions given by the dentist.


Sometimes there is some mild discomfort or pain just after an extraction. The new denture might agitate this slightly. But generally, within a few days, any pain or discomfort will subside. Over-the-counter pain medications may be suggested by the dentist and can help soothe. If there is any significant pain associated with your same-day dentures the dentist should be contacted right away.


Immediate dentures can really help minimize the impact of a tooth extraction, especially for people who have to have multiple extractions. Sometimes the fit are not perfectly exact, but since they are made just to be temporary, they usually function well, and help people heal, and prepare for permanent replacements.


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