How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost

You have officially become an adult; your third set of molars have arrived. These teeth, known as wisdom teeth, are often problematic and usually need to be removed. Depending on where they are in your jaw and mouth, they can cause infections as they try to grow in. If your mouth is not big enough for them, then as they try to erupt through the bone, they will cause your other teeth to move. This movement can throw your bite off and if you have had orthodontic treatment already, you will not want to undo that expensive and time intensive work. Many people try to remove their wisdom teeth before they cause problems in order to save themselves time, money, and pain. The costs associated with wisdom tooth extraction can be high for your budget, so knowing what to expect and how certain factors will affect the price can help you keep your good oral health.


What Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

In most cases, oral maxillofacial surgeons perform wisdom tooth extraction; these specialized dental experts have additional training on top of the training your dentist has. These oral surgeons are also trained and licensed to use general anesthesia. You may not need this type of anesthetic for your extraction, but the surgeon will help you make an informed decision. The costs for your extraction will be affected if the tooth is impacted, whether you will have anesthesia, and where you live in the country. Here are the generalized costs for the different cases.


For simple wisdom tooth extractions, the cost is $75–$200 per tooth. These types of extractions include teeth that have fully erupted through the jaw bone and have simple root structures. The dentist will use local anesthetic for this procedure.
For impacted wisdom tooth extractions, the cost is $225–$600 per tooth. The dentist will use local anesthesia for this procedure. The major variable affecting the price is the type of impaction. If the tooth is partially erupted, the procedure is less complicated where as a fully impacted tooth located completely below the jaw bone is more difficult to extract.


Nitrous oxide will cost $40–$90 as a way to relax during the procedure.
If you are hoping to sleep through the procedure, general anesthetic will cost you $250–$800.
Additional costs that will add to your final bill are the x-rays ($150) and any initial or follow up exams with the oral surgeon ($100/appointment).


Paying for Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

While paying out of pocket for your extraction is always an option, it may not be too large of a cost for your budget. Here are a few ways to help pay for your wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Treatment Packages
  • Payment Plans
  • Discount Dental Plans

Take the time to talk to the oral surgeon about the costs associated with your specific procedure and the different payment options available. Remember to look at this as an investment in your health.


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