How Much Does Invisalign Cost

Clear aligner orthodontic therapy has grown in popularity over the years for patients who need orthodontic treatment but do not want to endure traditional metal wire and bracket braces. Invisalign has been around the longest and has great long-term results. Lots of general dentists are preferred providers for Invisalign so your dentist may be able to provide treatment for you instead of referring you to an orthodontist. Before you begin any treatment, it is important to understand the commitment and the cost associated.


How much does Invisalign cost?

One of the biggest advantages to Invisalign is the shorter time frame of treatment. Traditional braces typically take between 18 and 24 months to complete whereas Invisalign can be completed within 6 to 18 months. The cost of any orthodontic treatment will be mostly affected by the extent of treatment required. The more severe your case, the longer your treatment will take and the more it will cost. Your dentist will provide a treatment plan for you with an estimate of your total costs after your initial consultation for Invisalign clear aligner therapy.


Traditional braces generally cost between $2500 and $6000. Invisalign clear aligner therapy does cost a bit more but the shorter timeframe and comfort that comes with clear aligner treatment may make the price difference worth it for some patients. The cost of treatment with Invisalign runs between $3500 and $8000.


Financial Arrangements

If you have dental insurance, it is important to make sure that your plan includes adult or pediatric orthodontia. Some plans will include orthodontic treatment for pediatric patients but not for those over the age of 18. If your plan does not include orthodontic coverage, you may consider adding coverage to your current policy if that is an option. Invisalign is considered orthodontic treatment and is typically covered by dental insurance policies that have orthodontic coverage.


For patients that do not have dental insurance coverage or do you not have an orthodontic plan with their dental insurance, be sure that you are aware of the out-of-pocket cost that will be expected of you before treatment begins. A lot of dental and orthodontic offices offer some form of payment plan that may come in the form of in-office or third-party financing.


If you have a flexible spending account through your employer, you may be able to utilize some of those benefits to cover some of the cost of your Invisalign treatment.


If you need orthodontic treatment, Invisalign clear aligner therapy is a great option for patients of any age. Adults find clear aligner orthodontic treatment especially appealing for its aesthetics. Traditional braces are extremely conspicuous but clear aligners are hardly noticeable!

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