How Long Does A Root Canal Take

Having a root canal is not as terrible as it may have been in the past. Most of the time, a root canal can be completed in one visit but sometimes, a second visit is necessary. This mostly depends on the number of canals in the truth and the extent of damage and infection involved in the pulp.


Root Canal Therapy in One Visit

Single visit root canal treatment can be ideal since it lessens the chance that the tooth can become reinfected while you wait for your permanent restoration. Teeth with only one canal, such as your front teeth, can easily be completed in one visit. The endodontist will drill a small access hole in the tooth and then clean out the canal of all infection.


Once the canal is clean and disinfected, the endodontist will place a temporary filling to protect the area while you wait for your restoration visit with your dentist.


Root Canal Therapy in Two Visits

If you have an infected tooth that cannot be completed in one visit, you may need to come back for a second trip. Sometimes, a tooth has four or even five canals and a could be too hard on the patient or the tooth to complete in one visit. An antimicrobial agent will be placed in the canals that have been cleaned before the temporary filling is placed.


Between visits, you will still have a temporary filling to protect the area from reinfection but you will need to take special care when eating and drinking since the temporary filling will not be as strong as your permanent restoration.


The two visit approach for root canal therapy can be beneficial, allowing a little extra recovery time for the tooth and the antimicrobial agent aids the disinfection process. With either a one or two visit treatment, you may be prescribed a round of antibiotics if the infection was severe.


How long does a root canal therapy appointment take?

Sometimes, the endodontist will want to see you for an evaluation before they begin treatment though they may be able to begin treatment immediately following the evaluation. Depending on the number of canals and the extent of the infection, root canal treatment takes at least 30 minutes per tooth, such as those with only one canal. A more extensive case for anterior teeth may take up to an hour.


The premolars and molars have between two and four canals and even can have a fifth and will take up to an hour and 45 minutes per tooth to complete root canal therapy.


Rick now therapy is a great option to help get you out of pain and save the tooth. If you have a toothache or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, see your dentist as soon as possible so they can evaluate the area and refer you to an endodontist if necessary. Your endodontics will be able to address any questions and concerns you may have during the evaluation.


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