Gum Grafting Costs

Once the dentist has diagnosed you with gum recession and has suggested gum grafting to stop progression. Now it's time to plan the budget for this procedure.


Typical Costs

The average range for a gingival graft is between $600 and $1,200 for one procedure to address one tooth or a small area. The price will change based on how much gum has receded and that needs to be replaced, whether the tissue is from the same person’s mouth or from a tissue bank, and the periodontist or dentist completing the procedure. When tissue comes from a tissue bank that was harvested from cadavers, the cost of the procedure will be higher than if the tissue comes from the patient’s mouth.
If you need to have any adjustments to your gum line with gum contouring, the price of the gum grafting procedure can increase to $1,000 - $3,000 per area if it is performed at the same time as the gum grafting.


What’s Included in Your Gum Grafting

Some dentists perform gum grafting but it is most often completed at a periodontist’ office. The doctor will numb the area of the procedure and even offer a mild sedative if you are an anxious dental patient. Then, the dentist will make a small incision where the new tissue will be added and then sewn up. If the dentist harvests the tissue from your mouth, the dentist may cover the area with a putty to protect the stitches or even use a stent or mouth guard. The area will need to be protected from your tongue and food and the covering will also help prevent bleeding.

You should be able to return to work in a day or two, but you will have to pause your workouts and strenuous activities for a few days to allow for the best healing. If the tissue comes from a bank, you should have mild to moderate discomfort for two to four days. If the tissue comes from the roof of your mouth, you will have more discomfort lasting seven to ten days.
The periodontist or dentist will need to complete a periodontal exam with x-rays before moving forward with the procedure. If this exam is not included in the price, then it may cost an additional $150 to $400.


Available Discounts

One of the best places to start looking for discounted gum grafting procedures is a dental school. The dental students are supervised by faculty so your surgery is still completed in an equipped facility by educated and experienced professionals.

Finalizing Your Gum Graft

If you have a dental insurance policy, be sure to review the list of approved dentists and periodontists. Each insurance plan has their own approval procedures that need to be followed and each policy has different coverage.
If your general dentist has diagnosed your gum recession and has determined that a gum graft is the best treatment for your case, the dentist may refer you to a periodontist. Be sure to get comfortable with the new dental professional and ask questions about their practice. Find out how long they have been performing gum grafts, any related and recent training, their approach to gum grafting, their vision for your treatment, and your pain management expectations.

Gum Grafting Alternatives