Finding a Dentist Near Me

Finding a good dentist does not have to be hard! You already have some great resources available to you and friends and family and, of course, the Internet. If you are in need of a new dentist, it is important to know where to start! Here are some tips to help you find the best dentist for you in your area.


Searching for a New Dentist

If you just moved to a new city, friends and family may not be the way to get a good recommendation. If you are able, your old dentist may be able to give you a few names of great dentists in your new city. The American Dental Association will have a list of board-certified dentists in your area.


Narrow Your List

A few things to note when looking for your dentist is to be sure that they are accepting new patients and that they are appropriate for your age range. A family dentist is a great option for parents who can see their dentist and have their child see a pediatric dentist in the same practice.


You will also want to make sure that the office is easily accessible to you and your family. If you rely on public transportation, make sure that you can easily get to the office from your transit service. If you drive, ask about parking around the office and if they validate for any particular parking lot or garage. Every office has different hours of business so make sure that the office hours will align with your personal scheduling needs. It is also important to make sure that the office provides after-hours emergency contact information.


If you have dental insurance, it may benefit you to utilize the website of your insurance provider to locate an “in-network“ dental provider using their “find a doctor” tool online. A lot of dental offices accept insurance but are not in-network and will require payment at the time of service. In this case, they will likely submit your dental claim for you and have your insurance company send you a reimbursement check.


Making Your Final Selection

If you have two or three names on your final list, schedule a consultation with each so that you can meet your potential new dentist and see if their office feels right for you. If everyone makes you feel comfortable and welcome and you are comfortable with the doctor, you just found your new office!


Once you have made your final selection, make an appointment to establish care so that your new dentist can determine how best to provide you with excellent dental care! Keep in mind that new patient appointments are usually more expensive than following routine appointments will be, so if it is a fee-for-service office, do not be taken aback by the price tag!


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