Emergency Dentist Near Me

***If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, call 911.***


Tooth pain can be extremely uncomfortable and may require treatment not only by your dentist but possibly by a specialist, such as an endodontist or oral surgeon. Your dentist should be your first stop for a dental emergency greenville sc and can refer you to a specialist if needed. seeking treatment as soon as you notice a problem can be the difference between losing a tooth and saving it.


Where can I find emergency dental care?

Your general dentist likely saves time in the schedule every day for dental emergencies. If you experience tooth pain or dental trauma, it is important to get to your dentist as soon as possible. If you do not have a regular dentist, a quick search online can help you find a reputable dentist in your area.


If you do experience in dental trauma, you risk losing the tooth if not treated appropriately in a timely manner. The dentist will take an x-ray of the affected area to make sure the damage does not extend beyond the gum line. An x-ray can help identify an abscess or deteriorating jaw bone structure. Once your dentist identifies the problem, they will work to treat the tooth or infected area to get you out of pain. If you require a root canal or extraction, they will refer you to a specialist.


Do I need to schedule an appointment for an emergency dental visit?

It is always best to set an appointment up with your dental office even in case of an emergency. Having a set appointment will ensure that you do not have to wait for an extended period of time. Since most dental offices do reserve time in their schedule for emergencies, you will likely be able to be seen on the same day as your trauma. If you cannot reach your dental office or they cannot see you on the same day, and if you need immediate assistance, you may need to visit an emergency room.


Once you see your dentist, they will be able to evaluate your problem and determine if you have an infection or a tooth that is fractured beyond repair. In this case, you will be referred to either an endodontist or maybe an oral surgeon for treatment. An endodontist would be used to perform a root canal and an oral surgeon can extract a hopeless tooth and perform a bone graft if necessary.


Don’t forget that a sinus infection or lingering cold can actually cause a great deal of pain in your teeth! Pressure from congested sinus cavities can press on teeth and cause a great deal of discomfort in the mouth.


In the event that you find yourself in an emergency room seeking treatment for dental or jaw trauma, the hospital will likely have a dentist on staff to help get you out of pain and begin your recovery. If you are able, it is always best to see your own dentist for any dental emergency that may arise.


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