Do Teeth Chip With Age

There are a number of reasons why your teeth might chip. If you have cavities or tooth decay, your teeth are weaker and more susceptible to chipping or cracking. If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, your teeth’s enamel is damaged and leave you more likely to have a chipped tooth. And finally, when you get older, your teeth are not as strong as they were and can be more easily chipped and cracked.


The reason why your teeth are so strong and able to break down your food is from the enamel of the outer layer. Enamel is hard like your bones, but it is not able to be repaired unlike your bones. When you have bacteria in your mouth, the bacteria eats sugar and releases acid. The acid removes the minerals from your enamel and the thinner enamel means your inner layer of your teeth are closer to being exposed.


Another reason why your teeth can chip from thinner enamel, is that your enamel thins over time. Years of eating sugary treats, drinking carbonated beverages, and less than perfect at home brushing can leave your enamel thinner. It is the same reason why our teeth may not be as white the older we get. Teeth are white from the enamel and as it erodes, the inner layer of the teeth are more exposed. The inner layers are darker and are closer to the surface.


One way to keep your enamel strong and prevent it from thinning too quickly is to ensure that your diet includes essential nutrients for your teeth. Calcium and fluoride are the most important to your enamel, as well as your other bones. Without these minerals, your teeth will most definitely experience decay or chips. You can choose a toothpaste with fluoride, drink fluoridated water, or consume dairy products with calcium. The dentist can use fillings to add strength and protection back to the weaker areas of your teeth.


You can still take more action to help keep your enamel strong and healthy for years. You can stop bad habits like crunching on ice or biting your fingernails. Your teeth are strong and helpful when you want to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, but your teeth are not strong enough to crunch on jawbreakers without experiencing damage over time. One refreshing icy drink and all the ice cubes in the summer is not going cause you to chip your teeth instantly. And if you are in the habit of chewing on hard foods like unpopped popcorn kernels, you should try to stop before you have chipped teeth that need to be repaired by a dentist.


Getting older means smile lines from too many laughs, gray hairs leaving silver reflective strands, and teeth with less bright white, strong enamel. Some of these are unavoidable but cracking your teeth and having to seek dental treatment is. The dentist will be able to help you determine what steps you should take to keep your teeth healthy and whole.


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