Dental Implant Years After Extraction

How long after tooth extraction should you wait before considering Dental Implants? The questions has several considerations, but the short answer is; the less time you spend missing teeth the better. Living with missing teeth can be difficult for all patients, but an extended time without teeth can cause all kinds of long term problems for them.


The Problem with Missing Teeth

Living with missing teeth can cause complications for patients. Missing teeth cause problems with the way your teeth line up to masticate food. When the alignment is off in your teeth, it is called malocclusion. With malocclusion, the ergonomics of chewing are off kilter, which will eventually lead to more tooth loss and tooth pain. This sort of imbalance can also cause Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder. Patients with TMJ disorder can experience clicking in their jaw, or pain along their jaw up to their ear–where the joint connects. Advanced TMJ can cause bone and jaw degradation, wherein the patient may require bone grafts to anchor implants. In short, missing teeth beget missing teeth, and the best way to break the cycle is to look into tooth replacement options.


Not to mention, without a full compliment of healthy teeth you are unlikely to eat a healthy diet. Patients who have missing teeth tend to eat foods which are easier and softer to eat, but not necessarily the most nutrient rich. Replacing missing teeth can help patients live a happy healthy life, where they eat healthy foods they enjoy and smile with abandon. Missing teeth also have a link with depression and self confidence, and we wait patient’s to smile and feel positive about themselves.


Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a top of the line tooth replacement option which can comprehensively replace missing teeth. You can replace any amount of teeth using implants, and the materials used are durable and compatible with your body. The process begins with a professional inspecting the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Then they surgically place a titanium anchor into your jaw. After time for healing, and a process known as osseointegration where bone fuses to anchor, the patient is ready for the implant(s) to be anchored to the jaw.


How long should you wait after extraction to consider Dental Implants?

Every situation has specific circumstances to follow. In short, speak with your dentist or health care professional to advise on the next course of action. If the surgery affected your jaw or tooth root, you may have to wait for that area to heal. In some circumstances, the anchor can be placed almost immediately after the tooth extraction. Everything will depend on your health, history of gum disease and infection, and your dental care team.


Where should you begin?

Start by asking your dentist about tooth replacement options. Discuss implants and what options are covered by your insurance. Have x-rays taken to consult on the health of your gums and jaw. Seek a hygienist out to advise on your dental hygiene routine, and risks post surgery.


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