Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a method of using natural therapies to prevent, detect, and treat oral diseases all while taking into consideration the mental and emotional well-being of the patient. Patients often do not realize how dentistry can affect the body as a whole and traditional dentists are not trained to consider the entire body. For example, periodontal disease is proven to have negative effects on heart health so it is important that your dentist greenville south carolina knows your entire health history and that they are able to take it into account.


How is oral health linked to overall health?

Poor oral hygiene is often the cause of periodontal disease but did you know that periodontal disease can actually be a symptom of something serious such as diabetes or heart disease? Our mouth is the initial point of absorption for minerals and nutrients, even a lot of disease enters through the mouth. A holistic dentist helps patients understand how their oral health affects the rest of the body and takes that knowledge into consideration when treating their patients.


Is traditional dentistry unsafe?

Traditional dentists generally do not give their patients an option when it comes to materials used for treatment but that is not to say that traditional dentistry is unsafe, they just have different approaches. A holistic dentist uses material that will be biocompatible with the patient to help ensure that treatment is successful.


A couple of substances that a holistic dentist will not use that a traditional dentist will are amalgam and fluoride. Amalgam is not very common anymore but it is still used by traditional dentists to treat decay. This is the silver fillings of yore and is a less costly alternative to tooth colored restorations and is usually covered by dental insurance which may help explain why it is still being used. The reason a holistic dentist will not use amalgam for restorations is because amalgam does contain mercury though the probability of mercury leaking and being absorbed by your body is minimal, it is a toxin so a holistic dentist will not use it.


Fluoride is much more widely used and is often found in public water sources. Fluoride is used by traditional dentists to strengthen teeth and reduce sensitivity and the risk of decay. Some holistic dentists hold concern that there is a link between fluoride and bone issues, even cancer.


How Holistic Dentistry and Traditional Dentistry Differ

Traditional dentistry does work to prevent recurring issues in your mouth but does not address underlying problems that may be causing oral issues. A holistic dentist looks at the big picture to help treat underlying problems to avoid any recurring mouth issues so prevention with a holistic dentist may be more beneficial than prevention with a traditional dentist.


Visit the website for the Holistic Dental association to find a holistic dentist near you.


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