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Greenville Dentures and Partial Dentures

Losing Teeth Does Not Mean Losing Your Confidence – Take Back Your Smile with Full or Partial Dentures in Greenville

Losing multiple teeth can be a traumatizing experience. You may be embarrassed by your smile, refusing to return the smiles of others and stifling laughter at all costs. If you’re truly embarrassed by your appearance, you might avoid parties and dates, and feel like you never want to go out in public again.

But even beyond the embarrassment, missing teeth could affect what you can eat, which in turn could impact your overall health. Do you worry: Are all my teeth going to fall out? Does this mean the end of my active lifestyle?

No one wants to lose their teeth, but when dental problems are pervasive enough to cause widespread tooth loss, it may be time to consider dentures or partial dentures.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who wears dentures is living their last years in a quiet corner of a nursing home. Millions of active Americans, of many ages, choose to wear dentures when their dental and gum problems become too much hassle and headache to keep up with.

Dr. Preston Hamrick at Heritage Dentistry has provided patients throughout Greenville, SC the dentures they need while making them as comfortable and natural as possible. Contact our Greenville office today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

How Do Dentures Work?

If you still have a number of healthy teeth, surrounded by mostly healthy gum tissue, Dr. Hamrick may recommend partial dentures. Along with periodontal therapy to keep your gums healthy, this solution can give you back the teeth you’ve lost. Partial dentures are a removable plate of false teeth that fills in your gaps and comes out easily for cleaning and soaking. Partial dentures fit snugly in place by using the shape of your mouth and healthy teeth for stability.

If your tooth loss is already severe, and your remaining teeth show signs of destabilization or decay, Dr. Hamrick will likely recommend full dentures. The first step is removing the remaining teeth via dental extraction procedure. After your mouth has healed, you will be ready for a brand-new set of false teeth.

Today’s dentures are natural-looking and comfortable. They are made to look like healthy teeth and gum tissue, and will not be obvious as prosthetics to anyone who sees them. A dental impression taken at Heritage Family Dentistry will help the lab ensure your dentures fit perfectly into your mouth; you may also be asked to provide a photo to help the dental laboratory construct a set that looks good on you.

Full dentures fit into the mouth over the gums and stay in place through the power of suction and a dental adhesive. It does take some time to get used to dentures, since they don’t function in precisely the same way as natural teeth. You may wish to practice using them at home when you are alone, at first, so you can acclimate to a new way of biting and chewing your food. Most patients get used to them within a month or so, and absolutely love the way they look.

How Do I Care for My Dentures & Gums?

Both full and partial dentures need to be cleaned daily, using a special low-abrasive cleaning paste and denture brush. They must also be left in water to soak when you sleep at night, so the material does not dry out or become warped.

Your mouth should also be cleaned daily, just as it was before you had dentures. Carefully brushing the gums, tongue, and other surfaces of the mouth will remove plaque and bacteria and keep your mouth feeling fresh. You may not be able to get cavities any more, but you can certainly develop bacterial infections and oral lesions if bacteria are allowed to linger in the mouth.

Get Dentures in Greenville Now

New denture patients love being able to smile with confidence again. When your teeth and gums aren’t constantly causing you pain and worry, you can get back to the active lifestyle and rich social life you may have neglected in the past.

At Heritage Family Dentistry, we love to see our patients smile. If your oral health situation has given you pain and strife for too long, dentures or partial dentures can give you the chance to have a full, bright smile once again.

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