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Having Sinus Problems After A Root Canal? Here’s What It Could Mean

If you’ve recently had root canal therapy in Greenville and you are starting to experience sinus congestion, stuffiness, or other symptoms, you may be wondering what’s going on. Is it normal to have sinus problems after a root canal? Should you contact a dentist like Dr. Preston Hamrick for a follow-up? In this blog from Heritage Dentistry, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.

  1. Your Infected Tooth Cause A Sinus Infection Before Your Root Canal 

If you were experiencing any sinus problems before your root canal took place, it’s possible that you may simply have a minor sinus infection caused by your infected tooth.

This is actually quite common. It’s called “sinusitis of endodontic origin,” and it happens because the sinus lining is actually very close to the roots of your teeth, particularly your upper rear molars.

If one of these teeth becomes severely infected, it’s possible for the bone and sinus tissue under the “root” of the tooth to decay and break down. This can release bacteria into the sinus cavity, causing a sinus infection (sinusitis).

If your tooth does not hurt, but you are experiencing minor symptoms of sinusitis, there is usually no need to seek further medical attention. But if you do have a severe sinus infection that doesn’t clear up within a week, you may want to see your doctor for further diagnosis. 

  1. A “Sinus Communication” May Have Been Opened During Root Canal Treatment

Another possibility is that your dentist created a small opening in your sinus lining during the root canal treatment process. As mentioned, the roots of your teeth are very close to the sinuses, and during the root canal process, your dentist must clean the roots out using dental tools.

If they slip or clean too deeply, they could accidentally create a small hole in the sinus lining during treatment. This is called a “sinus communication,” and it can cause sinusitis-like symptoms.

However, it’s not a major cause for concern. Small openings in the sinuses will heal on their own. However, if you continue to experience symptoms for more than a week or two, you may need to seek further medical help. 

  1. Your Tooth May Still Be Infected

It’s possible that your dentist did not clean the root of your tooth properly during the root canal treatment, and it is still infected. This may be the case if you are experiencing severe sinus symptoms, and your tooth is causing you a lot of pain and discomfort.

The vast majority of root canals require only one procedure, but hidden issues with a tooth can sometimes go unnoticed by dentists, so your tooth may require endodontic retreatment. In serious cases, the root may need to be removed completely with a procedure called an “apicoectomy.” 

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