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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

If you’re considering a smile makeover from Dr. Hamrick, we want to give you all the information you’ll need to make the best decisions for your care. We hear a lot of questions when people first start their journey to the smile of their dreams, so here are some things to consider before you come in for your consultation. These questions will help guide the process and give you an idea about what to expect.

Tooth Examination

1: What Problems Do I Have With My Smile?

First, it is helpful to take some time and note the issues that you have with your smile. This will help guide your conversation with Dr. Hamrick and ensure that we address all of the imperfections you want to improve. Common cosmetic issues include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Misshapen or chipped teeth
  • Gaps in the teeth
  • Serious stains
  • A “gummy” smile

Make sure to note all of the issues that affect you, so you’ll be more prepared for your consultation at Heritage Dentistry!

2: What Are My Smile Goals?

Everyone has different smile goals. Whether you want straighter teeth or to eliminate gaps, each patient has their own preferences about their teeth, and we want to work with you to give you the smile of your dreams. Take time to think about the results you want, and consider bringing in a few photos that capture the look you hope to get from your smile makeover.

3: What Is My Budget?

During your consultation, you will discuss your budget and cost of your treatments in detail with Dr. Hamrick, but it’s good to have a general idea of how much you’d like to spend before you come in. Some treatments, like tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening, and dental bonding are quite affordable, and ideal for those with a lower budget. Having a good grasp of your general budget will help you and Dr. Hamrick choose the right treatments.

4: What Is My Timeframe For Treatment?

Most cosmetic treatments take between 1-2 appointments, so in most cases, you can restore your smile in under a month. However, some treatments like dental implants and Invisalign can take much longer. If you have a timeframe for your treatment, or if you’re looking to improve your smile before a special event that’s coming up quickly, make sure to inform Dr. Hamrick so he can recommend the proper cosmetic procedures.

5: Will I Be Dedicated To Maintaining My Smile Properly?

After your cosmetic treatment, you must dedicate yourself to maintaining your smile. Brush and floss properly, avoid tobacco use, and come in for routine exams and cleanings. Unless you’re dedicated to maintaining your smile properly, your smile can become damaged once again, so make sure you’re willing to go the “extra mile” to preserve your new smile!

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